12 Life Hacks for Cleaning Up After Your Christmas Tree

The feeling I get when I see a car drive by with a Christmas tree just warms my heart. We all love picking out the perfect tree, decorating it with ornaments, and loading presents beneath it. Nothing makes you feel more “at home” than sitting and admiring the beautifully lit tree on Christmas Eve. However, cleaning up after the tree is a task that no one looks forward to!  This is the reason many of our Christmas trees are lingering around on Valentine’s Day. Our team at Bonded put these 12 tips together to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.


1.  Christmas Tree Disposal Bags…. Santa’s Gift for Moms & Dads!

Using a Christmas tree disposal bag like this one on Amazon can help two fold!  This bag is placed between the tree and the floor (covered by a tree skirt) and will protect your flooring throughout the holiday.  When it comes time to clean up, simple pull the bag up over the tree, wrap it up, and carry it out!

2.  Regular Watering Prevents Pine Needles From Falling

For those of us that don’t have a “green thumb”, caring for a Christmas tree is not high on our priority list.  However, keeping the tree well watered will help to preserve it, and can significantly reduce the amount of pine needles that fall into your carpet.

Reuse Christmas Wrapping Paper to Wrap Up Christmas Tree Ornaments for Storing
Reuse Christmas Wrapping Paper to Wrap Up Christmas Tree Ornaments for Storing

3.  Reuse Wrapping Paper to Wrap Up Ornaments

Watching the kiddos unwrap presents can be one of the highlights of your holiday. However, picking up huge piles of paper,  and realizing the amount of wasted paper that your disposing of can be a bummer.  Recycle your wrapping paper by using it to wrap up your Christmas tree ornaments before storing them.

4.  Expect Accidents and Prepare Padding for Falling Ornaments

We all have “our favorite ornaments” that bring back wonderful memories.  Reduce the risk of broken hearts, and place several towels or blankets around the bottom of the tree when you are taking down ornaments and lights…especially if it is a “family affair” with kids helping out!

5.  Christmas Tree Lights… A Love / Hate Relationship

Stringing up the lights has long been a task that people dread.  Do yourself a favor, and as you take down the lights, wrap each string of lights around your forearm, secure an elastic of tie string around the middle, and then place in a plastic shopping bag, separately.  Store each string of lights in it’s own plastic bag so they don’t get tangled up! Another idea is to use a round bucket to coil your lights up into – easy storage, access and reuse!

6.  Turkey Basters Come in Handy At Christmas, Too!

Before removing your Christmas tree from the stand, use a turkey baster to remove all the remaining water.  This will help prevent spills…. the water might have sap or dirt in there and you don’t want that dripping on your carpet!

Rubber Brooms Work Great For Sweeping Up Christmas Tree Pine Needles
Rubber Brooms Work Great For Sweeping Up Christmas Tree Pine Needles

7.  The Final “Christmas Wrapping” Involves a Large Old Sheet

Once you remove the lights & ornaments, wrap a large, old sheet around the tree.  Sap can ruin a sheet, so make sure to use an older one.  We suggest two people for this task – one on each side of the tree.  Lower it to the ground, wrapped side down.  With one person at each end, use the sheet to lift the tree and carry it out.  If you have a long ways to travel out of your home, you can use rope to secure the sheet and then roll it along the way, too.

8.  Make Mulch With Christmas Tree Boughs

Before hauling the Christmas tree away, cut off several boughs and use them to protect your garden.  Place the full boughs over your garden area where plants, like pansies or other early perennials, may come up early and be nipped by a late season frost.

8.  Rubber Brooms Are The Best for Removing Pine Needles

Before even thinking about turning on your vacuum cleaner, you must sweep the pine needles up first.  Christmas tree needles might have sap on them and can ruin a vacuum (who needs any surprise bills after an expensive Christmas!).  Any broom will work, but we recommend using a broom with rubber bristles.  Rubber brooms are good for removing fur, too!

9.  Yet Another Home Cleaning Baking Soda Trick

Yup, baking soda can help clean up your Christmas tree!  Before vacuuming, sprinkle baking soda over the needles – this will help coat them and make it easier to vacuum them up.  Make sure to do a thorough inspection and remove all of those pesky metal ornament hooks before vacuuming!


pine needle mess10.  Those Pesky Pine Needles That The Vacuum Won’t Suck Up!

There are always pine needless that relentlessly stay stuck in the fibers of your carpet.  For these, we recommend the #1 fix it solution in the world:  Duct Tape.  Wrap duct tape around your hands and pat those pesky pine needles.  If this doesn’t work, try tweezers.  (Yes, tweezing your carpet may be one of the most tedious things ever suggested, but it will probably work).

11.  Christmas Clean Up Complete, Now What To Do with The Tree?

The city has an annual Christmas Tree Recycling Program with 16 drop off locations throughout San Diego.  Christmas trees can unnecessarily fill up landfills, and they make great mulch!  PLEASE RECYCLE!   Don’t throw them away! Click Here to Find a Drop Off Site Near You.


12.  Start The New Year Off Fresh & Tidy With Professional Carpet Cleaning By Bonded!

Christmas trees are definitely not the only “mess” that is made over the holidays!  There are many things that can leave your carpets dirty, from party spills to fireplace ashes.  


Request A Free Quote For Carpet Cleaning  Online Now or Call 858.386.1660 


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