5 Things You Need To Know About Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning

carpet steam cleaning company van
Bonded’s carpet cleaning crews use state of the art truck mounted steam cleaning machines.

1.  Professional Carpet Cleaning is way more affordable than you realize!

If you have considered renting a machine and cleaning your carpets by yourself, think again. Bonded Carpet’s has been cleaning carpet San Diego for decades and their everyday value pricing is extremely affordable. 

2.  Carpet cleaning takes much less time than you imagine!

A good carpet cleaning service will be in and out of your 2 bedroom home in under an hour!  No need to take a day off of work, Bonded Carpet can clean your carpets on Saturdays!

3.  Cleaning your carpets regularly can improve the air quality in your home and keep you healthier.

Many people prefer carpeting over hard surface flooring because carpet actually helps filter the air in your home.  However, ver time dust and allergens build up in the fibers in your carpet.  Hot water extraction, commonly known as carpet steam cleaning, will remove the allergens and create a much healthier environment.  People with allergies will absolutely appreciate the health benefits of cleaner carpet.

4.  Professional carpet cleaning will increase the lifetime of your carpet!

Most manufacturers require regular carpet cleaning to keep a warranty in good standing.  We recommend cleaning your carpet every 9-12 months, depending on the traffic and wear your carpet gets from kids or pets.

5.  Carpet cleaning will make you happy.

Let’s face it, when you sit down to relax after a long day of Spring cleaning, if your carpet is dirty and your house is clean, it stands out.  When someone enters your home, the first thing they notice is your flooring and it can set the tone of your home.  

Call Bonded today at 858.386.1660 or use the form below to request a quote.  If you are not happy with the results, we they will re-clean your carpet to make sure you are!  Re-clean must be within 2 weeks of the original carpet cleaning service. 


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