5 Awesome Places To Exercise Outdoors in San Diego

Outdoor Fitness In San Diego

Beautiful San Diego – The holidays are nearly over and it’s time for many of us to shift gears and shed a few pounds.  It is the middle of winter and our city is sunny and in the 70s!  Take advantage of this glorious weather and get your workouts done outdoors!  Bonded Inc.’s team put together suggestions for places in San Diego to sweat it out and work towards achieving your fitness goals in 2014.  If you like to run, walk, or bikeā€¦these beautiful places will keep you motivated to push yourself, and keep coming back for more!  

Torrey Pines State Reserve

Torrey Pines State Park Beach Access

If you are inspired to walk your way to health, Torrey Pines State Reserve will not disappoint!  The trails roll through 2,000 acres of unspoiled land reserved for nature with miles of beautiful beaches, and a lagoon that is home to a large variety of birds.  You can walk for hours and savor nature’s beauty.

Morley Field Fitness Paracourse

Morley field Paracourse IN Balboa Park San DiegoLooking to challenge yourself or maybe compete against your work-out buddy?  Not too many people know about the the fitness paracourse that weaves around Morely Field in the South side of Balboa Park.  This 2 1/2 mile course features 18 work out stations that include pull ups, sit ups, stretching areas and so much more.  The best part about the course is that it is FREE and there is always plenty of parking!  While you are there, check out the disc golf course, and the only public archery field in Southern California!

Mission Trails Park

san-diego-outdoors-cowles-mountain-vista-fullHikers, bikers and runners all flock to Mission Trails Park to enjoy it’s large variety of trails and wildlife.  One of the most well known hikes in town is the “Cowles Mountain Trail” .  This “level 5 challenging” trail rewards hikers with an incredible view, after climbing the 1.5 miles to reach on of San Diego’s most scenic look out points.  Click here for an interactive trail map that includes details on each trail’s length and level of difficulty.

Embarcadero Marina Park

San Diego Embarcadero parkIf you enjoy “people watching”, the Embarcadero is great place to run!  There are always tourists and locals taking in the city and bay views, and downtown resident runners love the bayside paths.  For an extra challenge, include running  up the steep convention center stairs, or add circuit training to your workout using the exercise stations located at the south side of the park. (There are public bathrooms there, too!)  The only drawback here is the parking can be tight, and if it is before 6pm you will need to pay the meters.  Bikers also love this area because there are very well laid out bike paths that hug the bay.

Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

sunset-cliffs-in-ocean-beach san diegoThe name says it all and the sunsets do not disappoint!  Regardless of the time of day, Sunset Cliffs is always buzzing with walkers and runners.  There are several free lots on the ocean side of Sunset Cliffs Blvd and there is an abundance of parking at the “Sunset Cliffs Natural Park” parking lot at the of the road.  Local surfers flock to the popular surf spots, so if the “surf is up” expect it to be pretty packed.  Bring your camera, and stay on the trails!  The cliffs are eroding, so you need to take the warning signs seriously.  

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