Bonded Inc. Has Proudly Served San Diego County Since 1975

The Bonded Difference

The backbone of our service is the quality equipment that we make available to our clients. While other companies offer coupons or rely on cheap products, we use $50,000 machines for our San Diego carpet cleaning, San Diego water removal and San Diego air duct cleaning services.

Using our high-quality machines, our carpet steam cleaning services can go above and beyond the competition. Our specially blended cleaning agents are able to be adjusted depending on the thickness or dirtiness of the carpet, and the increased suction power these machines provide far surpasses a regular household vacuum.

Starting with a pre-treatment, we loosen deep dirt and sanitize carpets so that they’re cleaned thoroughly, even in the places that may be otherwise out of reach but where dirt, grease and grime can lie dormant.

We work to ensure satisfaction

At Bonded Carpet, our specialists are all well-versed in handling the wide range of potential services we may need to provide our clients, even the ones that may not be easily detected. As such, any one of our employees can capably and professionally respond to the issue at hand, whether it’s providing extra patching or removing stubborn dog, cat or pet odor.

We stick to our price estimates

We also put our clients first when it comes to billing. We’ve been around for 30 years, and our reputation to clients service is paramount to our business. So whether you choose to secure our San Diego janitorial services or San Diego dryer vent cleaning, you’ll never see bait-and-switch tactics that cause you to be charged for additional services.

At Bonded Carpet, we understand that cost is a top concern and we know that all our clients want to save. So whether you’re simply a San Diego homeowner looking to improve the look and feel of your home or a big-time celebrity who wants an investment property improved, you know you’ll get quality treatment from us.

We are dedicated to a team approach

At Bonded Carpet, we know that in order to successfully tackle any project, whether its a duct cleaning or hotel odor removing job, everyone needs to be involved. It’s this small company feel and team-first mentality that enables us to keep our employees, at least six have been with the company for more than 15 years, and retain clients.

In the event that we make a mistake, we accept our responsibility by not pointing the finger. We’ll work to ensure the job gets done and that each party can part ways without any hard feelings.

We are committed to quality

As any home or business owner knows, there’s no use cutting costs if the quality will suffer. That’s why we save money by buying in bulk, not skimping on our materials. This allows us to maintain client satisfaction and pass on real savings to clients.

For instance, we use products and adhesives that keep the warranty in line and maintain our own in-house installation team. With other San Diego carpet cleaners, you may become the victim of shortcuts and hidden practices. By avoiding subcontractors, we are able to stay in control of these smaller details, that, while they may not seem important, can make life easier for our clients down the road.

But, don’t just take our word for it. On our website, you can hear the personal stories of the clients we’ve served in our testimonial section. Here, you’ll find detailed stores from local business owners and notable San Diegans so you can see firsthand how our team has overcome challenges and built our success one client at a time.

We go above and beyond

While our business maintains regular working hours, our service extends in emergency situations. When water threatens your home, property or business, our experts are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So, when disaster strikes San Diego, you can be confident that our team will be there to help you maintain the quality of one of your most important investments.