After a long day at work, what can be better than stepping into your own home spa, a sanctuary so tranquil and luxurious, it can instantly wash away all the stresses of the day?

That’s what a creative affordable bathroom upgrade can do for you: transform your boring old washroom into a stylish oasis of luxury stone or tiles with sleek gorgeous fixtures.

When it comes to bathroom upgrades the options are so many and so varied in style and price, it can be overwhelming. Let us create your dream bathroom without breaking the bank.

Most renovation experts would agree that if you want to upgrade your bathroom, start with the most visible part – the floor. This is where we really shine! Here are some luxury tile and natural stone options to consider, and suggestions on how to keep the costs low.

  • Porcelain tile is a type of ceramic tile (made with extreme heat), only more durable. Its remarkable longevity, attractive appearance and options of sizes, textures, shapes (square, rectangle, etc.) add flair to your design and are relative affordable compared to other luxury natural stones. This makes it a superior choice for any bathroom. It works particularly well for bathroom floors because it’s scratch and stain resistant, a breeze to maintain and clean, and it looks great in both modern and traditional spaces. Not only that, porcelain tile is considered a long-term investment that will increase the value of your property.
  • Granite’s dense crystalline structure makes it one of the hardest natural floor tiles, as well as one of the most durable. This is why it’s a popular choice for bathroom countertops and floors. When properly sealed and cared for, granite can withstand serious damage, and look polished and new even after decades of use. On the downside, granite floors can be slippery and cold, so consider a soft cozy rug to contrast against the cool hardness of the granite.
  • Elegant marble natural stone tiles can lend a luxurious look to any bathroom floor. Its ageless beauty comes from being crushed and heated by the earth for millions of years, so each tile is uniquely patterned or veined, with shades that vary slightly from tile to tile. Marble tile can give your bathroom that upscale spa vibe like no other tile. On the downside, like most natural stones, it requires careful maintenance because it’s prone to staining and cracking.
  • For a touch of organic tranquility, go with limestone tiles. Limestone is another beautiful natural stone that can be used for floors or countertops. Its soothing color palette (brown, beige, gray and yellow) and textured appearance make it a perfect choice for a bathroom with rustic, old-world accents. Limestone floor is relatively easy to maintain; just make sure to use mild cleaning solutions.
  • A luxury vinyl tile (LVT) floor is one of the most cost-effective options that is extremely popular when cost is a concern. LVT is water-resistant, versatile and very low-maintenance compared to other tile options. And because it comes in a wide variety of finishes, it can replicate the look of the more expensive wood planks and tiles at a fraction of the cost. Many cannot tell the difference! Arguably, luxury vinyl tile floor offers the best combination of variety, durability, affordability and low maintenance. As with stone or ceramic tiles, luxury vinyl tiles can be arranged creatively to design your own unique floor pattern.

If tiling the entire floor isn’t in your budget, consider a luxury tile backsplash. A beautiful backsplash over the vanity can create an interesting focal point, and the small quantity needed won’t cost a fortune. And since tiles come in a variety of colors and even custom hues, the possibilities for a creative bathroom upgrade are almost endless. For a more bold statement, install an accent wall or walls, or shower and tub enclosures.

Another small budget option is a tile “rug.” A tile “rug” accent can be added by removing some of your existing floor tile and replacing it with the new, more vibrant or luxurious tiles to create an appearance of a rug. Whether you go for a subtle or an unexpected mix of colors and textures, this nifty bathroom upgrade can create that touch of luxury you crave.

At Bonded, we offer a wide range of luxury residential tiles in natural stones (porcelain, granite, travertine, marble, and limestone). We also offer luxury vinyl tile (LVT) to give your bathroom that upscale look at an affordable price. We understand that cost is a top concern and we know that all our clients want to save, so we are dedicated to passing on real savings to clients. Whether you’re a San Diego homeowner looking to improve the look and feel of your bathroom or a big-time celebrity who wants to add a touch of luxury to an investment property, you’ll get quality treatment from us. Our specialists are well-versed in handling the tile installation and any other potential services you might need. Call for a quick quote and to schedule servicing at 844.4.BONDED.

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