Ask An Expert: 8 Answers To Your Most Common Questions About Carpet Cleaning

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1.  What is the best method for cleaning carpet?

Hot water extraction cleaning, better known as carpet steam cleaning, is the most effective way to clean carpet.  Almost every carpet mill requires this type of cleaning to be done to keep the manufacturer’s warranty in good standing.  Hot water extraction cleaning can neutralize sick building syndrome and remove bacteria and dirt from your carpet.   In particular, using a truck mounted “power take off” system, is the absolute best method for carpet cleaning.  Bonded Carpet’s team of carpet cleaning technicians are all very experienced with this method, and they have a fleet of 12 trucks with state of the art systems.  Click here to view a detailed graphic that shows our step by step process for “Premium Carpet Cleaning Service”


2.  Should I vacuum before the cleaner arrives?

Yes, you should vacuum your carpet at least once or twice a week.  If you have pets or children, you should vacuum more often. We recommend using a “Hepa Certified” vacuum, and if you have pets, make sure your vacuum has a “beater brush”.  With Bonded Carpet’s “standard service” it is important that you vacuum before the appointment, because a “pre-vac” is not included with this discount value service.  Bonded Carpet’s “Premium Service” includes a pre-vac using our truck mounted hepa-vacuum, so it is not necessary for you to vacuum prior to the service.


3.  Will you move furniture?

Yes, our cleaning technicians will move light furniture .  They will not touch any crystal, glass or other delicate items, and will not move anything “plugged in”.  However, if you would like us to move heavy furniture around, please let us know, and we will provide a quote  with this included as an additional service.  In some cases, we hire a moving company to move large, heavy furniture, and sometimes even pack all of the furniture into a pod, to clear out the home, and expose all of the carpeting for a very thorough cleaning.


4.  How long does it take to complete professional carpet cleaning?

The amount of time it takes for carpet cleaning depends on how dirty the carpets are, and which services are being performed.  Bonded Carpet offers 2 different residential carpet cleaning services, “Standard” and “Premium”…and “premium carpet cleaning” doubles the time it takes.  Normally, our technicians complete about 750 sq. feet of carpeting per hour, when providing “standard service” and when upgrading to “premium” this can take up to 2 hours.


5.  How long will it take to for my carpet to dry?

Carpeting usually takes between 6-8 hours to dry, however, dirtier carpets will take longer.  When carpeting is very dirty, the technician must make many more wand strokes over the area to make it clean.  With more wand strokes, the carpet gets wetter.  The wetter the carpet becomes, the longer it will take to dry, so high traffic areas  like entryways will take longer to dry.


DSC_43816.  Do you guarantee that all spots and stains will be removed?

Unfortunately, no one can guarantee every stain will be removed. Some common household items are actually used as dyes for carpeting, for instance, coffee is used to dye area rugs. Bonded Carpet’s cleaning technicians will try their best to remove every stain, but sometimes the stains will return.  It may look like a stain is gone, but then it wicks it up from the bottom and reappears.  Sometimes s spill is caught between the carpet and the padding, and 2-3 hours after having the carpet cleaned, it returns.  Bonded’s team will gladly come back, free of charge, and re-try to clean the stain within 14 days of your service.


7.  Will carpet cleaning remove fleas from my carpet?

No, carpet cleaning will not remove fleas.  We suggest having your home bombed and treated both before and after having your carpets steam cleaned.  The steam from the hot water extraction will kill the eggs, but the living fleas will get away, and then return, if you do not have pest control professionals treat the house.


8.  I have heard that after having my carpet cleaned it will soil faster, is this true?

This is definitely not true.  The stain treatment done at the mill when the carpet is manufactured should last through about 10-12 steam cleanings.  We recommend Scotchgaurding your carpets after having them cleaned.  This prevents stains and actually increases the efficiency of your “house vacuuming” by 300%!


Are you considering carpet steam cleaning?  With decades of carpet cleaning experience, Mr. Adler and his team know everything there is to know about carpet steam cleaning.  If you have additional questions, or would like a free quote, call us at 858.386.1660 or click here.

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