Bedding ideas for your yellow room

In yesterday’s article, we touched on some of the flooring options that San Diego residents can choose from when redesigning a room to include a new shade of yellow. With today’s piece, we’ll be taking this topic further by detailing how you can best complement this color in the bedroom of your San Diego home.

While there are more adventurous design options that you can choose, such as light blue and velvety reds, when selecting a bedspread to match your bedroom’s yellow walls, we recommend you first examine more muted options.

After all, since the bedroom is your place for relaxation, you don’t want to be overwhelmed. These options will ensure just that:

Classic white – White will really make the yellow in your bedroom pop. As such, it is a popular choice for furniture options in bedrooms. To go a step further, consider a bright white bedspread that can further maximize your new walls.

Darker yellows – If you’ve chosen a particularly light shade of yellow for your bedroom, a darker version can provide added color while still keeping the focus on your central theme.

Muted green – Forest or pea greens can be a good option if you’re looking to add some additional color to your room. Check out this example to see how you can add texture and color with fun throw pillows that fit this design.

More adventurous types may even want to examine flooring options in shades of yellow or beige. For this, we recommend that you turn to our team of professionals at Bonded Carpet. With everything from wood to vinyl, we can find the right fit for your San Diego home and help you install it.

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