How to Choose the Best Flooring for Furry Friends

Laminate Floors are Great For DogsThere are many things to consider when choosing the best type of flooring for your home.  Since 63% of American households have a dog or cat, people often ask the experts at Bonded Carpet for advice on flooring for furry friends. Mitch Adler, Bonded Carpet’s president, advises customers that “Laminate flooring is the best choice for homes with dogs because it is very durable and easy to clean”.  Often, a dogs nails can scratch and damage wood flooring, and a cat’s  By choosing a laminate flooring that “looks like wood” you save money on the purchase and also have a much better chance that your dogs will not scratch the flooring.  Another prominent issue with dogs and new flooring is the fear of stains from “accidents” that occur, especially with puppies and elderly dogs.  Carpet can be ruined by dog urine or feces and can be very difficult to repair.  Wood flooring can get very discolored by these stains, especially if they are not cleaned promptly.  The third thing to consider when choosing your “pet friendly flooring” is fur, more importantly, cleaning up fur.  Dogs shed constantly, and if the fur is not continually cleaned up, your flooring will be filthy and ruined.  When fur builds up in carpeting, it can make your entire home smell like dog, and create a situation where friends with even slight allergies will be uncomfortable in your home. Cleaning Dogs can really ruin carpeting!fur from laminate flooring is incredibly easier than carpeting, all you need is a simple broom or mop.  The last thing to consider is the unpredictable behaviors or dogs and cats!  In particular, puppies can create a bigger mess than you could ever imagine!  Coming home to a house that looks like a tornado hit it is terrible, but if you have laminate flooring, the clean up will be much easier!  For these reasons, laminate flooring is the best choice of flooring for dogs and cats.

The great news is, laminate flooring comes in an extensive variety of styles and can simulate almost any type of flooring.  The quality of laminate has come so far as manufacturers utilize breaking technologies and many styles are such remarkable replicas, most people cannot tell the difference between “wood” or “tile” and the laminate options.

Bonded Carpet has a gigantic in-stock inventory of laminate flooring options, call 858.386.1660 or click here to request a consultation in our showroom or at your home!

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