Bonded Carpet can prevent damp carpets that cause asthma

All homeowners know to be wary of damp carpeting. Unpleasant at best, a wet floor covering can also be a potential health threat, as it may soon become a breeding ground for harmful microbial growth and volatile organic compounds. For example, studies have shown that incidences of asthma were more common when people were exposed to this hazard on a regular basis.

While it can be the primary cause of asthma, continued mold exposure may actually make those who already suffer from this condition worse. As a result, asthma sufferers may benefit from taking steps to reduce the chances that mold develops in their home. 

However, just because a carpeting appears fine on the surface, this doesn’t mean that mold and mildew aren’t present. According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI), mold can form:
• In areas of a carpet that appear discolored 
• In wet or water-damaged carpet
• On basement carpets that are exposed to damp or humid conditions
• On the padding beneath the carpeting
• When odors or stains in the carpet are present.

If your San Diego carpeting is exhibiting any of these signs of possible mold or mildew growth, call in a team of experts who can successfully treat the affected area. 

At Bonded Carpet, we utilize state-of-the-art, truck-mounted steam cleaning equipment that turns water into moisture at temperatures hot enough to kill bacteria and mold. And since the steam reaches such a high temperature, it evaporates into the air so that saturation issues aren’t compounded. 

In cases where a carpet has been severely affected by mold, homeowners may need to opt for San Diego residential flooring installation, and for that, we have you covered as well. Whether you’d like to install new carpeting, or a vinyl, tile, laminate, stone or hardwood alternative, our team of experts will arrive on time to capably handle all your installation needs. 

Better still, we’re able to fulfill orders the next day! This means you won’t have to wait days or weeks to enjoy this affected area of your home. Call 1-800-734-6801 to learn more!

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