Bonded Carpet can protect your family from third​hand smoke

Many San Diego residents are familiar with the harmful effects of cigarettes as well as secondhand smoke – indirect exposure to smoke that has been linked to 50,000 deaths annually. However, while awareness of thirdhand smoke has been growing in recent years, many San Diegans could still be living in homes with flooring that is putting them at risk for future health complications. 

According to Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights (ANR), a national lobbying group that pursues action-oriented policy and legislation, thirdhand smoke refers to the residual contamination from tobacco smoke that lingers in rooms, even after the original smokers have sold their home or vacated the property. 

One study from 2010 found that thirdhand smoke, the kind commonly found in carpeting and dust particles in a home, causes the formation of carcinogens. While harmful for adults, carcinogens can also put children at risk, as they are more likely to have contact with the affected areas of a residence. 

“Nicotine remains on surfaces for days and weeks, so the carcinogens continue to be created over time, which are then inhaled, absorbed or ingested,” the ANR says. 

However, those who live in homes where thirdhand smoke is prevalent can take action. 

At Bonded Carpet, we can provide reliable San Diego carpet cleaning services to customers by using state-of-the-art truck-mounted steam-cleaning units. We believe that a healthy home starts with clean carpets, which is why we use hot water extraction – the method recommended by most manufacturers – to clean deep and remove dirt, allergens, debris and irritants like thirdhand smoke. 

Should your flooring require replacement, our San Diego carpet installation team can come to your home quickly to remove your existing carpeting before installing a new floor covering from our wide selection. Even better, we’re able to install our orders the next day, meaning if your family’s health is at risk, we can provide immediate relief!

With Bonded Carpet, you’ll work with an expert installation team, since we don’t use contractors, so you’ll receive support from friendly, reliable professionals during this process. To find out more about our services, call 1-800-734-6801 today. 

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