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Wildfire Forces Evacuation Of Thousands In Carlsbad, California

Earlier this month, Americans across the country were horrified as they watched of over 200 fires in Southern California devour what seemed like endless acres and so many family homes. In San Diego, over 27,000 acres were burned and 44 homes were destroyed, and one person died. Sadly, this is not “new news” to San Diego residents, as “fire season” is something we anticipate and prepare for each year. Gov. Jerry Brown told ABC news “It’s under control for the moment, but we’re in a very serious fire season, more serious than we have seen before.”  The chart below, courtesy of Cal Fire, compares this year’s fire season to the same period of time in years past and shows that we have had close to double the average amount of fires to date.

NUMBER OF FIRES AND ACRES:                 

January 1, 2014 through May 24, 20141,70714,925
January 1, 2013 through May 24, 20131,49019,714
5 year average (same interval)9727,678

When disaster strikes, you need professionals that you trust!  Bonded Carpet offers Emergency Fire & Flood Services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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Bonded Carpet’s  IICRC certified technicians have extensive experience cleaning up the mess from fire and smoke damage and will expertly clean the ceilings to floors and everything in between. We work with most insurance companies and use the “Exactmate Pricing” which set by the insurance companies, and enables our office staff to expedite the process of your claim.  Our team can quickly and efficiently restore your home and help to get you back in there as soon as possible.

fire restoration

Our team will remove and store your furniture and belongings offsite while we vigorously clean your home and use ionization machines to clean the air within it. We will use our superior steam cleaning machines to restore the upholstery on your furniture and return it to your home fresh and clean. In addition, we will install new flooring to any areas of the house where required.  Fires are devastating and stressful, and Bonded Carpet’s team of professionals will do everything possible to make the “clean up process” as simple as possible!

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