Bonded Now Offers Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning & Hard Flooring Cleaning Using The New Trinity Renewal System

Trinity Renewal SystemOur management team at Bonded is constantly striving to grow and adapt to meet the changing needs of our customers.  As most of our business comes from the Property Management companies, we ensure that our products and services meet the needs of these apartment buildings and commercial buildings.  In January we introduced new services using a freshly patented low moisture cleaning system.  The Trinity Renewal System is made here in the USA and is considered to be a “green” style of cleaning as it uses minimal water and biodegradable cleaning solutions.  Due to the reduction of water, carpets are dry in 2 hours or less!  

The Trinity system cleans carpet using an oscillating pad that uses agitation and absorption rather than hot water and strong suction.  These pads are 100% cotton and they use an encapsulation technique to remove dirt from carpet fibers.  Because it uses significantly less water than carpet steam cleaning, the risk of “wick back” is very low.  The oscillating pads cause all sides of the carpet fibers to be cleaned and lifted.  This enables vacuuming to be much more effective after cleaning, too!  The machine is not “truck mounted” like our standard carpet steam cleaning machines.  It is easily portable and ideal for cleaning carpet in high rise buildings or other locations where it is not safe to use a truck mounted machine due to not being allowed to keep doors open.  

This cleaning system is adjustable and cleans all types of hard surface flooring like tile, hardwood, laminate and luxury vinyl planks.  We now offer two services for hard surface cleaning:  Cleaning Only or Cleaning + Extra Shine Coat.  This style of cleaning is quick and efficient and ideal for large open spaces like commercial buildings and apartment lobbies.  

Check out the video here to see this new Trinity Renewal System in action and call us today for details and a free quote!  



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