Bonded Acquires A Second Window Coverings Company In Less Than 10 Months!

Bonded is extremely proud to carry the torch for MBF, one of San Diego’s oldest and well respected window covering companies.  Barry Farhood founded MBF in San Diego decades ago and has been a pillar in the window covering industry.  For forty two years his company has served property management companies all over the West coast and Hawaii.  When he decided it was time to start enjoying retirement he knew exactly who he could trust to provide the same level of service to his loyal customers.

Thermal Drapery
Thermal Drapery

Mitch Adler, Bonded’s President, has known Mr. Farhood for over 30 years as they have both been active members of the San Diego County Apartment Association and their customer base has always been catering to Landlords and Property management companies.  Both Bonded and MBF have been leaders in the window covering industry and were friendly competitors for many years.  About nine years ago Bonded made a decision to divide their business and created a separate window covering company that was led by a trusted Bonded employee.  In 2014 Bonded Carpet bought back Bonded Window Coverings and rebranded to Bonded Inc.   Mr. Adler eagerly entered back into the window coverings industry.  He said “It is natural for Bonded to be in the window covering business.   We work closely with thousands of property managers who need both new flooring and new window coverings to keep units fresh and updated, and remain competitive with new properties going on the market.  Our entire sales team is able to measure and quote for carpet cleaning, window coverings and new flooring in one visit”.  Bonded’s clients have enjoyed the “one stop” experience of our comprehensive products and services as well as our convenient 30 day credit terms on approved accounts.  Additional services like emergency water services and air duct cleaning are also very popular with property managers, too!

With the acquisition of MBF, Bonded will be adding two additional service vehicles on the road and has expanded the San Diego warehouse to allow additional stocking of the sizes of new flooring and window coverings that property manager request most!  Mr. Adler feels that “Bonded’s growth has been dependent on the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers, and the high bar we hold that sets our team as leaders in this industry!”

Apartment Style Drapery
Apartment Style Drapery

Bonded’s window covering division has been thriving since the company began offering this service last August.  In January Kevin Fay, a well respected, local window coverings professional joined Bonded as the division’s Director.   With his help Bonded is in a great position to take on MBF’s customers and provide seamless service.  Bonded will provide all of the same products MBF sold (for the most part at the same pricing) and is eager to offer MBF’s customers even more services, products, and benefits, such as the “customer web portal” that allows clients to view invoices and request services online.   Many MBF clients will be pleased to hear a familiar voice when calling Bonded because Mary Kay from MBF has also joined the Bonded team.

Bonded is also increasing the variety of window covering products and will begin selling apartment style draperies.  They offered these in years past, so this is not “new” to their team.  The new window draperies, both “mercedes” and “thermal”, will be available with full installation or can be picked up in the local warehouse in Kearny Mesa.  Bonded now has “pick up & self install” window coverings available and has built a new entrance on the North side of the building specifically for these walk in customers.  Mr. Adler says he is currently working on “10 minute customer parking” near this new entrance to make it as easy as possible for customers to pick up their window coverings.  They also installed a large blue awning to clearly identify the new entrance.  While customers are there, he encourages people to take a tour of their 15,000 square warehouse and large flooring and window coverings showroom.  He is very eager to meet new customers and the team strives to exceed customer’s expectations and hopefully find other Bonded services that they can provide, like air duct and dryer vent cleaning.  At Bonded, one call covers it all!

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