Cleaning San Diego rugs: Shag rugs

Shag carpeting can be a fun addition to family rooms and teenage bedrooms, as its signature plush fiber adds texture and excitement to any setting. Coupled with the fact that these rugs are often available in vivid shades and it’s easy to see why they are favored for more than simply their nostalgic connotations.

But, as many homeowners know, what looks great in a room isn’t always easy to clean, and shag rugs are no exception. Their signature depth can make cleaning a challenge, as dirt, sand and stains can collect in hard to reach areas, quickly sapping the luster from your room’s former centerpiece.

If you have a shag rug in your San Diego home, keep these cleaning tips in mind:

Don’t just rely on vacuums – As mentioned above, shag rugs can act as sponges for dirt and dust. While shaking them out over a porch railing or against a hard surface regularly can keep them clean to the naked eye, more expensive steam cleaners may be required for tougher jobs.

Don’t let stains sit – Whether the culprit is food, drink or some other less pleasant substance, with shag carpeting, you want to begin cleaning as quickly as possible. For a full list of options, including rinsing areas with detergent or using baking soda for a quick clean, you can check out some additional tips here

When in doubt, turn to San Diego rug cleaning specialists – At Bonded Carpet, we’ve met just about every challenge in our more than 25 years in the business. In addition, each of our specialists is trained to identify and remove even less common home flooring issues, such as those that shag rug owners often encounter.

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