Easily Transform Your Outdoor Space With Bonded’s Click Deck Patio Tiles

We are proud to be one of San Diego County’s exclusive dealer’s of

Click Deck Premium Outdoor “Do It Yourself” Tiles!

This new style of outdoor deck flooring is durable, requires little maintenance, and is environmentally conscious. The unique outdoor tiles can simulate textures of real wood, stones, and even turf.  The tiles are resistant to water, moisture, corrosion, mildew, pests, and insects. They are easy to care for and do not need to be stained or painted.  These beautiful tiles will enhance your outdoor environment by adding a touch of elegance!  The best part about these tiles is that you can easily install them yourself!  They do not require messy adhesives or grout, they simply click together into place.  If one of your tiles gets damaged, you it is easy to pop out the damaged tile and click in a new one.  The deck tiles click into each other to create a clean, sleek deck.  Complete our form or call for details!  You can also view details about these outdoor tiles here.  


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