Colorado lawyer discusses the cost of mold damage

This past March, Our Colorado News, a news provider that serves the communities of Englewood, Littleton and Highland Ranch, published an informational column by John Kokish, a family law expert who wrote about the true costs of mold damage. According to Kokish, when mold is discovered in a residence, apartment or commercial building, it requires quick action – such as the kind offered by Bonded Carpet – before it advances throughout the rest of the residence.

Summarizing the dangers, Kokish wrote that “mold may be hidden behind wallpaper, under carpets or in other areas not easily seen. If not remediated quickly, mold can spread and cause neurological symptoms.”

To prevent mold growth, Kokish recommended the following tips:
• Avoid placing carpets in areas that are prone to excessive moisture
• Frequently inspect gutters and roofs for leaks
• Paint and prime with products that contain mold inhibitors 
• Reduce your indoor humidity by using fans, dehumidifiers and air conditioners
• Regularly inspect hoses and fittings on appliances like toilets and sinks.

However, your best efforts as a home, apartment or business owner may not always be successful. 

Should your San Diego property prove prone to mold growth, periodic cleaning will be necessary. As a result, enlisting the services of expert San Diego carpet cleaning or air duct cleaning professionals is of the utmost importance, as these services can reduce the allergens that have built up in the house or building over time. 

We’re known as “The Property Manager’s Choice,” as we have a tried and proven history of providing excellent service and quality on our cleaning and flooring installation, should your coverings need to be replaced. Even better, Bonded Carpet is open six days a week, with no extra charge for Saturdays.

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