Don’t let your San Diego home put your health at risk

At Bonded Carpet, our experienced and friendly technicians can provide services that allow you to transform your home into a healthy environment for allergy and asthma sufferers. Our carpet cleaning services are routinely lauded for their value and effectiveness. But unfortunately, we hear all too often about how improper or infrequent carpet cleaning leads to health problems.

On April 11, The Washington Post published an article that sought to raise awareness about the unhealthy conditions found in many residential homes by highlighting the plight of one Virginia homeowner. The piece told the story of Erma Taylor, a retired nurse whose great-grandson suffered from frequent and severe asthma attacks. 

The boy spent many hours receiving medical attention to determine the precise cause of the issue before environmental factors were considered. As the source so aptly wrote, “The one thing Taylor never suspected was that something inside the Falls Church Cape Cod [home]… was a source of the 3-year-old’s medical problems.”

However, it turned out that mold and mildew caused by the family’s improper carpet cleaning was responsible for the boy’s respiratory ailments. According to the source, the family would regularly shampoo their old carpeting, and since they didn’t pursue a professional service, their flooring retained water, which contributed to the growth of harmful fungi.

Still, this problem isn’t unique to the Taylors. The source noted that more than 30 million U.S. homes, including many in greater San Diego, are thought to pose a significant health threat to occupants. 

For extreme situations, Bonded Carpet offers emergency services, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can provide restoration services after both smoke and water damage. If you suspect or discover that your home or family may be affected, our professionals can help.

For expert San Diego water removal services, carpet cleaning and soot restoration, call 1-800-734-6801 today to receive more information and a free estimate. We’ll respond in one hour or less, and in many cases, our Flood Manager will take your call immediately. 

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