Environmental office upgrades may be hindering indoor air quality

On April 5, Officing Today, a leading provider of information for business centers as well as those in the office space industry, posted a rare guest article on its blog from Steve Levine, a representative of a company that markets indoor air purification systems. However, the publication was more than simply a joint publicity venture.

Officing Today said it was impressed with the submission, as the post detailed what it considered to be an important topic: understanding how the threat of sick building syndrome should influence commercial real estate purchases. 

Levine wrote that while most business centers advertise their creative office layout, plentiful internet connection portals and spacious conference rooms to potential commercial clients, few of these companies boast how their buildings upgrades will improve the health of a buyer’s tenants. 

“Sick building syndrome is very real and occurs when people feel ill inside a building and immediately feel better when they go outdoors,” Levine wrote. “And if that person has allergies or asthma, poor indoor air quality can make them feel even worse. In an office building, unhealthy air can cause illness among employees, which also leads to less productivity.”

Levine went on to say that modern building construction techniques, which call for more insulation, and thus improved heating and cooling efficiency, can degrade the air quality of a workspace, as fresh, clean air is unable to penetrate the building. 

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