Founder of Angie’s List helps consumers spot air duct cleaning scams

In a recent article for Angie's List, the popular online resource that allows consumers to vet potential service companies, founder Angie Hicks answered one concerned reader's question regarding air duct cleaning. Specifically, the Landisville, Pennsylvania, native sought to determine whether the extremely low advertised prices from local air duct companies could be trusted. 

Hicks' reply sheds light on how you can vet potential San Diego air duct cleaning companies, and begins with this simple piece of advice: "Avoid those low-ball offers."

According to Hicks, businesses that advertise $99 specials are often engaging in a deceptive business strategy. Called bait-and-switch marketing, this process occurs when air duct cleaning companies issue a low offer in the form of a coupon simply to get into the homes of potential customers. 

Once here, "they almost immediately find other problems – black mold is a common scare tactic used by unscrupulous contractors – or they try to upsell the homeowner on additional services," Hicks says. 

As a result, the cost of a job that is supposed to fit within the homeowner's budget can quickly balloon. Hicks indicated that those who fall victim to these scams often end up paying $600 or more for less-than-professional services. 

Hicks says reputable companies will: 
• Be happy to present customers with their credentials and certifications 
• Follow the strict standards set by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association 
• Take between three and four hours to complete a routine cleaning 
• Use outdoor vented equipment, so dust and debris is removed from the home.

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