Home decorating trends: New ways to use gray

On February 14, the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) released its top industry trends for 2013. The report aimed to give inspiration to homeowners across the country who are looking to embark on home decorating projects in the coming spring and summer months. 

While certain developments, like how this demographic is spending more on kitchen and baths, aren’t surprising, readers who have stayed away from keeping up with recent popular styles may have been shocked to see that gray color schemes are now in-demand. In fact, the report indicated this hue is being used in more than 55 percent of all kitchens and 56 percent of all baths. 

“It’s what some people would call the new neutral. Neutral doesn’t mean black, white and beige only,” Mary Umberger, of the Chicago Tribune, said in an article on the subject. 

In her report, Umberger went on to detail how more homeowners are choosing gray cabinetry in colors like slate, eclipse, twilight, pearwood and harbor mist, shades that range in tone from cool to warm. 

“Gray is often used another way, as a major accent in the room, on one wall or perhaps the base of the kitchen island – sort of a punctuation mark for the room,” the report noted. 

San Diego area homeowners who are embracing this trend may also want to consider gray ceramic or stone flooring, both of which are durable options that come in gray hues and can help you enjoy your kitchen or bathroom for years to come.

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