Home design tips: What flooring should you choose for your yellow room?

With winter’s gloom hanging over much of the country, many homeowners are pining for those carefree summer days. If you’re looking to add a dose of summertime happiness and optimism to your San Diego home, you may want to consider redesigning your living room or kitchen during this season to incorporate a vivid shade of yellow.

Yellow is often labeled a mood enhancer, and it has even been suggested that yellow environments can stimulate the nervous system and promote creativity, HGTV says. But, before you add some sunburst yellow furniture or a coat of daffodil paint to your living room, you may want to first determine if it will work with your existing flooring.

The following types of flooring can complement your new design scheme:

Light wood flooring – Choosing a lighter-colored wood, such as an ash wood for instance, can help you ensure that darker shades of yellow truly stand out. For a great example, check out this vibrant kitchen profiled by HGTV

Muted carpeting – Yellow can be great for drawing attention to the darker elements of a room, such as a custom wood table or an antique armoire. But, in this situation, you want to make sure that the carpeting provides balance. For this effect, Better Homes and Gardens suggests muted carpeting, such as this dark charcoal bedroom carpeting. 

Stylized rugs – While your carpeting may be best used as a backdrop to other aspects of your room, you can still liven up the flooring with a vivid yellow rug. This can provide the design with added texture and a dose of vibrancy.

Whatever you decide, at Bonded Carpet our experienced San Diego residential flooring installation experts can help you install the flooring you desire. And, even better, when your carpets or rugs become dusty and dirty, we have the expertise to handle these jobs, too!

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