Hudson Valley news source offers carpet cleaning tips

On Saturday, February 2, Hudson Valley, New York, news source the Times Herald-Record, published a piece giving advice to local homeowners who are looking to keep their carpets in prime condition in the coming months.

The news source cited the snow, rain and mud common to the region as the primary reasons that homeowners in the area could benefit from following their carpet cleaning tips. However, the advice is universal, applying to every homeowner who wants to ensure that their home is kept in top form:

Stick to vacuuming on a schedule – The source indicated that vacuum schedules can’t be treated as one-size-fits-all solutions, instead recommending that homeowners first categorize the areas of their residence┬áthat need the most attention.┬áBy dividing the areas in your home into high-traffic, medium-use and light-traffic areas, each of which are then treated on different schedules, the Herald-Record says homeowners can better budget their time while beautifying their rooms.

Treat stains the right way – As any homeowner knows, an improperly treated stain can quickly go from bad to worse. The article went on to detail common mistakes homeowners make when tackling certain spills. Here’s a link so you can follow along when ink stains and pet messes happen in your San Diego home.

Turn to a professional carpet cleaning company – Comparing carpet cleaning services to regular dental check-ups, the source strongly recommended that homeowners turn to the professionals when things get out of hand.

At Bonded Carpet, we couldn’t agree more. By contacting our professionals as quickly as possible, we can help you eradicate stains and messes so your carpet continues to look new into the spring and summer months.

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