More college students choose furnished apartments

On Monday, April 15, USA Today published a new report that chronicled a recent trend in college living. According to the national newspaper, gone are the days of cramped and crowded dorm rooms: More parents and students are choosing to rent luxury apartments, paying high prices for comfortable and secure living quarters close to major colleges and universities. 

“Some parents have concerns about safety and we have courtesy officers here as well as a key card system,” Ryan Williams, a leasing agent serving students from the University of Maryland, told the source. “When you don’t have to worry about those things you can focus on your grades and doing well in school.”

The report went on to detail that many luxury college apartment complexes include fitness centers, TV lounges, swimming pools, tanning booths, and of course, fully furnished apartments. While the costs of investing in such amenities upfront are high, property owners in California have much to gain by from offering this kind of rental, as monthly rent prices can reach as high as $1,800 and demand is expected to remain steady in the coming years. 

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This can be especially important in situations where tenants keep dogs, cats or other pets in your furnished rental, as a thorough cleaning will remove hair, dander and other potential irritants for future clients. 

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