Need helping cleaning up after your Super Bowl party? Follow these tips below

While the Chargers were once again on the sidelines for this year’s big game, many San Diego residents tuned in to watch the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers square off in football’s main event. Particularly avid football fanatics may have even hosted a celebration filled with family, friends, delicious snacks and spirited conversation.

However, as anyone who’s played host to a Super Bowl party knows, in the excitement, even the best preparations for preventing spills and messes can be ineffective.

Still afraid to tackle your clean-up? Here are some tips you can use to get your San Diego home back in prime condition:

Gather some household tools – Football snacks are often sticky. Whether it’s nacho cheese or BBQ sauce clinging to your carpet, you’ll want to dig out the dishwashing liquid, dull knives and sponges you need to ensure these stains don’t linger into the offseason.

Spray down your furniture – While you may have put out plenty of napkins and paper towels, in the thick of the excitement, many of your guests likely found other areas to wipe their messy hands. As such, you should clean all the areas of your room, even furniture items that may seem unlikely to be carrying any extra nacho cheese or salsa. 

At Bonded Carpet, we recommend that you always test any cleaning solution from soap and water, to vinegar, to a store-purchased brand-name cleaner, on a hidden corner piece of fabric. You want to be 100 percent sure there is no negative outcome such as staining, bleaching or running of colors. Be certain the area you choose to test the cleaning solution is completely dry and produces acceptable results before applying it anywhere else! But, don’t stop there. You also want to test the cleaner on every different fabric, as the same cleaner may be affected by the different fabric types and color dye methods. For example polyester and silk will react differently to the same cleaning solution.

Speak to a carpet cleaning expert – Of course, some unlucky homeowners may have experienced a stadium-sized spill in their home. If this is the case and your carpet needs more help than you can offer, don’t be afraid to call in the pros. A professional San Diego carpet cleaning service can tackle tough jobs in no time and reduce your chances of furthering the damage with an improper cleanup.

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