Dreamweaver Has Revolutionized Nylon Carpet And Is Manufacturing It In USA

The Future Of Nylon Carpet Is Here.

Nylon was invented in America in the 1930s for use in the war.  The first nylon carpet was created in the 50’s and since then nothing much about nylon carpet has changed.  
Until Now.

Bonded has proudly partnered with Dreamweaver for decades and is thrilled with their newest product, PureColor Nylon Carpet.  This new carpet is soft and durable and is dyed with a revolutionary process that allows the color to go all the way through the carpet fiber.  This residential carpet is fade resistant, stain resistant and pet resistant.  Mitch Adler, Bonded’s President, raves about PureColor because “It is an amazing carpet that provides solutions to two problems that property managers deal with often.  The sun will not make the color fade and bleach does not remove the color.”  The increased twist level of PureColor has drastically improved the carpet’s resiliency and will prove over time to be an ideal choice for flooring in professionally managed buildings with high traffic.  Dreamweaver uses a cationic treatment to close pores and seal the filament, which makes the finished carpet much easier to clean, too.


Mr Adler speaks very highly of Bob Shaw, the founder of Dreamweaver, whom he met at the “Surfaces” event in Las Vegas.  Mr. Shaw sold his first carpet mill, Shaw Carpets, years ago and then decided to go back into the business with a new and improved process and product.  The new PureColor Nylon Carpet is manufactured at one of the world’s largest mills using cutting edge technology.  The new carpet mill has over 1.4 million square feet of space in Dalton, Georgia.  This new carpet manufacturing method uses less water and energy (and creates less greenhouse emissions) than that of traditional nylon carpet.  Bonded sells a large amount of Dreamweaver products and speaks with Gary Hollowell, Dreamweaver’s Vice President, weekly to make sure they are getting the best deals on the best products.  Bonded sells a large variety of great flooring and has a huge in stock inventory that is constantly changing, but you can be sure that they will always have Dreamweaver’s best carpet choices available for you!

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