Reduce sand at your San Diego beach house with these tips

For many California homeowners, carpet cleaning would be a breeze were it not for one thing: sand. Whether tracked in from the beach or brought in after a refreshing run on the shoreline, once inside, sand can pile up even for those with top-of-the-line personal vacuum cleaners.

Worse still, sand and dirt, once deposited in your home, can act like sandpaper, wearing down carpet fibers and creating wear patterns. Over time, this can even remove the thickness and reduce the resiliency of your carpet, until its once soft feel is all but gone. To keep sand from wreaking havoc on your San Diego home’s carpeting, experts suggest the following tips:

Immediately vacuum your carpet – Notice sand on your carpet? Catch it before it settles. By vacuuming before the sand can sink deep into your floor covering, you can save yourself from dirty carpets later,

Rely on entry mats – While a preventative measure, the fact remains, entry mats on either the inside or outside of a door can keep a lot of sand from getting into your home. And the less sand that makes it inside, the less you’ll have to clean later.

Keeping shoes, sandals and bathing suits outside is also a great habit to get into, especially for families with small, adventurous children. For a final wash, make sure you have a basket, or in a pinch plastic or paper bags, that can allow you to transport wet belongings to the washroom.

Use agitators – Bristle brushes and special vacuum attachments can allow you to reach sand deep in your carpet. However, be warned, this method may be a time consuming one to implement on a regular basis.

Still can’t find a way to get all that stubborn sand? Call our team of San Diego carpet cleaning experts at Bonded Carpet. Our high-powered machinery is capable of eradicating even the toughest dirt, grime and sand, and leaving your carpets looking brand new.

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