San Diego County Apartment Association is The #1 Source for the Rental Housing Industry

As Bonded Carpet is approaching a milestone of 40 years in business, we are featuring a new blog series called “The Bonded Network” that recognizes some of the people and organizations in San Diego that have helped us grow & succeed for nearly 4 decades.  Each month we will feature an article about one of these valued partners and share a little about their business, what makes them unique, and how they came to be one of our trusted partners.   We hope that you enjoy this series, and that our recommendations may help you grow your own network of local businesses that you can trust. 

The Bonded Network:  San Diego County Apartment Association

For over 36 years, Bonded Carpet; Cleaning , Sales and Services, Inc. has enjoyed a wonderful relationship with the San Diego County Apartment Association (SDCAA).   Mitch Adler, the President of Bonded Carpet , said “Bonded Carpet joined the SDCAA back in 1978 , as we needed to become more involved in the apartment industry . The SDCCCA became our “eyes and ears” as to what was happening in this local market and gave us the opportunity to meet and get in front of so many qualified “movers and shakers”.  Mr. Adler says that being a member of the SDCAA “really helps you have a pulse on the apartment industry here in San Diego”.   Being one of the fine supplier members of the SDCAA, it gives Bonded Carpet the opportunity to “give back to the industry” and raise money to support the SDCAA’s mission and their members.

Serving San Diego County’s Rental Property Industry For 95 Years

The SDCAA was started in 1919 and is the best resource for the rental housing industry in California. For 95 years they have been providing members with education & training, business networking opportunities, and important legislative advocacy. They have a very diverse membership with 60% of their members being the “mom and pop shop” type of property owners. The Public Affairs Department of the SDCAA works hard to protect the interests of rental property owners and managers. As their Director of Public Affairs, Molly Kirkland, explained “their goal is to protect the industry from being overly regulated.” Some of their accomplishments include shortening the eviction delay procedure and protecting owners from additional lawsuits. The SDCAA offers a wide array of services to assist with all of the needs of a rental property owner, which include running screenings like credit reports and employment verification, providing rental forms, industry surveys, and more. They also publish a very informative monthly magazine for San Diego rental owners.  Bonded Carpet has been a proud advertiser in this publication for many years, and Mr. Adler believes their presence there “has great value and gets your branding out to so many apartment owners, managers and property supervisors”. 

Annual Events Keep San Diego’s Rental Property Industry Connected & Updated

The SDCAA hosts many events year round that include monthly luncheons, networking events, a “Reverse Tradeshow”, PAC Baseball Night, and a charity golf tournament.  On April 22 the SDCAA had their 40th annual “Educational Conference & Expo”.  Thousands of property owners, managers, investors and industry suppliers attended the day-long affair to network, enjoy free seminars, and visit almost 200 exhibitor booths. Bonded Carpet has had a booth or two at this expo since 1978!  Mr. Adler said “This event is a great opportunity to reacquaint yourself with so many property managers, on site mangers and owners! It’s also a great time saver for members, as in one day , in one location,  property managers can meet with so many vendors”.  In addition, attendees learn what is new and what is working well in the industry, as there are educational meetings, panel discussions and seminars all day long.

This year Bonded Carpet was proud to introduce a new in-stock collection of “Do it yourself” Outdoor Tiles (product no longer available at Bonded), and discuss their recent expansion of “Insurance Related Emergency Services”.   New equipment, experienced technicians, and “Exactamate software ” has been added to enable Bonded Carpet to better handle insurance claims for water, fire and mold.  This event allowed the salesmen to update their customers about this new enhanced service and show off the impressive new deck tiles.(product no longer available at Bonded)

Bonded Carpet's Salesmen Johnnie & Alan Show Off New Outdoor Deck Tiles (product no longer available at Bonded) At The 2014 SDCAA Expo
Bonded Carpet’s Salesmen Johnnie & Alan Show Off New Outdoor Deck Tiles (product no longer available at Bonded) At The 2014 SDCAA Expo

Another SDCAA event that Mr. Adler really enjoys is the annual “Mark of Excellence Awards”.   The SDCAA explains that these awards demonstrate characteristics that benchmark success and recognizes individuals and properties that stand out in the areas of leasing, management, resident retention, and maintenance.  With both large and small properties represented, these awards encompass the entire industry as a whole and recognize the best of the best.  Mr. Adler said  “It’s like the Oscars of our industry,” and he is very proud to have won “Supplier of the Year”.   “It’s really when our industry shines. The SDCCA really makes that all happen and they do a wonderful job!”

The SDCAA has been a trusted partner in the Bonded Carpet; Cleaning , Sales and Services Inc. network since 1978 and we confidently recommend that anyone in the San Diego rental property industry join the association. LIke many of the suppliers, Bonded Carpet gives SDCAA members special low pricing, as an additional benefit of membership.  Fore more information you can visit their website at

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