Bonded’s Booth At The SDCAA Expo Offered Pong Players A Sweet Reward

Bonded has had a booth at the San Diego Apartment Association’s Annual Expo every year for the past 38 years.  Each year they take pride in their booth and work hard to display their work and talent to the SDCAA members.  This year their booth provided an opportunity for SDCAA members to show their talent… at the beer pong table!

The expo had a “collegiate theme” and Bonded stepped it up big time with two booths side by side near the expo entrance.  The booth was impressive with five giant, custom made panels that displayed photographs of Bonded’s products, warehouse, showroom and even action shots of technicians installing new flooring and window coverings.  What made the booth extremely popular was the beer pong table that brought out the best shots from many attendees.  The team made a minor adjustment to the traditional college party game and awarded players with tickets to that evening’s Lotto drawing!  Needless to say, the booth was busy and you could clearly see that some folks had much more experience at the beer pong table, but all had a good time.

The booth was hosted by Bonded’s leadership team:  Mitch Adler, President; Eric Baxter, New Flooring Manager; Kevin Fay, Window Coverings Director; and Johnnie Austin, Carpet Cleaning Foreman.  We asked Mitch what his favorite part of the event was and he said that “having been a member for 38 years, this annual event is much like a high school reunion.  I really enjoy connecting with familiar faces and meeting the newer players in the industry.  It was really nice to see how many people enjoyed visiting with Kevin Fay, our newest member on our management team.  He has been a leader in the window coverings industry for many years and people were very happy to see him on the Bonded Team.”

This was the first expo since Bonded’s re-branding and acquisition of Bonded Window Coverings, so it was very important that the booth displayed Bonded’s large variety of services and products.  It was very pleasing to hear feedback from attendees that the “one call covers it all” message was heard loud and clear, and all members are very aware that Bonded provides quality window coverings & new flooring that is specifically geared to professionally managed properties.  The day was a big success and the Bonded team will look forward to next years’ expo and will try to “out-do” this year’s booth.  They better start crafting some ideas now because this booth & beer pong table was spectacular and will be hard to beat!  We are all still hoping to hear that one of the “pong players” hit it big on the lotto ticket that they won at the beer pong table!

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