Steam cleaning carpets recommended by Huffington Post

Spring is officially here, and while much of the country may still be mired in winter storms, San Diego is already seeing consistent temperatures of 60 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

As a result, homeowners in the greater San Diego area may want to review a recent article published by The Huffington Post Canada that ranked nine different ways they can make their homes healthier this season.

Among the suggestions, the source indicated that carpet cleaning is a must on every to-do list, especially for those who want to eliminate airborne irritants like pet dander, dust mites and allergens that can collect in homes during the winter. 

Robin Wilson, an eco-friendly designer and blogger for The Huffington Post, suggested that spring may be the best time to give your carpets a steam cleaning and thoroughly cleanse hardwood floors, which are tasks best handled by professionals. 

At Bonded Carpet, we are an award-winning company that strives to give the best job possible, and we can help you tackle both tasks in the coming weeks. 

Our standard residential carpet cleaning service package comes with a variety of features, including: 
• A light deodorizing carpet treatment 
• Pre-inspection
• Pre-treatment of soiled areas
• Steam cleaning in all open areas.

Further, this San Diego carpet cleaning service provides the kind of quality incentives that have helped us become the leader in the industry. Our 14-day guarantee ensures that any soiled areas do not reappear after our cleaning. 

In addition, our hard surface cleaning and sealing can be a great option for area homeowners with this type of flooring. While mopping may seem to be enough, we know from firsthand experience that this seldom gets the job done. 

For more information on our time-tested home flooring cleaning services, Call Bonded Carpet today at 1-800-734-6801.

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