Vinyl Sheet Flooring - Bonded Inc.



Colors of products may not reflect the actual color which may vary from different lighting in your home or place of installation. Please visit our showroom to see our products in natural sunlight and for best color accuracy.




COLORS: Aspin 551(6 mm), Honey Slate 594, Condor 564 (10 mm), Nice 563 (10 mm), Aspin 583 (10 mm), 591,  MATERIAL: FIBERGLASS WEAR LAYER: 6 mm, PVC/ 10 mm, PVC WARRANTY: 5 Years  


COLORS: Kingsbridge 3824, Maiden’s Veil 3824 MATERIAL: FELT BACK WEAR LAYER: 10 mm,  Vinyl nature foam embossing, medium gloss WARRANTY: 6 Years