When is your carpet covered by your insurance?

Whether it’s the result of a broken pipe, a leaky appliance or some other unforeseen occurrence, many homeowners experience some form of water damage in their home. And, while your immediate concern may be minimizing any problems that ensue, eventually you’ll need assistance determining the coverage for repair your homeowners insurance provides.

You can get a better understanding of this complex topic by knowing what types of damage are covered and what types aren’t. According to the experts at Insure.com, here are some common examples that you can use to gauge your expectations for your call with your insurance provider.

What isn’t covered
In most cases, damage that was a result of homeowner neglect will not be covered by insurance. This includes such scenarios as when water seeps into your home, a water leak occurs in your roof or if your washing machine overflows. Since these types of damages will be viewed as preventable, you’ll likely need to cover the associated costs on your own.

In addition, other aspects of your home affected by the water, such as your lawn or your sewers and drains for instance, may not be protected, as these areas of your home often require special endorsements.

What’s covered
In most cases, the damage will need to be able to be categorized as “sudden and accidental” in order for you to file a successful claim. Generally, water from a broken appliance is covered, as is water damage from burst pipes, provided you’ve kept the house warm.

This coverage may even extend to other affected areas of the home, such as your carpeting, though your provider may replace only the damaged area and limit your options for repair and replacement to approved retailers.

If you’re left uncovered by your insurance or are unhappy with the approved options for your carpet replacement, call the San Diego flooring installation specialists at Bonded Carpet at 1-858-576-8400. We can help you revitalize your home after water damage.

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