Where to install granite flooring in your San Diego home

Granite has long been favored by American builders for its excellent durability and ability to withstand pressure. It was often used as a material in bridges and buildings since it is quarried in many parts of the United States and wears very slowly. For example, engravings in granite are eligible hundreds of years later.

Today, we sell this great flooring option at Bonded Carpet for many of the same reasons. As a natural stone flooring option, our customers favor it for its low cost, resistance to stains and spills and longevity. But, while you may be set on granite flooring for these benefits, you may not be sure where it would best fit in your home.

If this applies to you, consider implementing this flooring in your:

Bathroom – In bathrooms, granite tiles can be an inexpensive option that can fit into a more rustic design scheme. However, sources like HGTV note that it does get slippery when wet. So, if you choose granite for this room, you’ll likely want to invest in bath mats that can provide added safety.

Foyer – Since granite is among the hardest and densest natural stones, using it an area that sees heavy foot traffic has obvious benefits. With granite you won’t have to worry about scuffs from cleats or scratches from sandy shoes.

Kitchen – Granite makes for great kitchen flooring since it resists staining and scratching better than any other natural stone. This means it can stand up to everything from a spilled drink to a dropped pot with ease.

Library – While many people associate granite with the color gray, it actually occurs in a variety of hues, from warm creams to rich browns. As such, this flooring can provide this room with a regal look that complements your decor.

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