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Remember the last time you spent the night in a luxurious 5-star hotel? Picture stirring from the perfect darkness, stretching leisurely, and then pulling apart the fine linen draperies to watch the sun pour in. The afternoon light dances across the beautiful old world draperies, making you feel like royalty. Why not enjoy this feeling every day of your life?

Let Bonded create custom drapery and add warmth and elegance to your home. Choose from a varierty of fabric textures and colors to add creativity and glamour to any design, whether you’re drawn to urban minimalism or opulent regal splendor. Use drapes alone to cover your windows or pair them with blinds and shades as accented side panels to add depth and texture. Complete with decorative hardware like carved poles or rings alongside tufted tassels and braided cords for a finished sophisticated look.

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Bonded specializes in adding glamour and ambiance to your window treatment design and offers the perfect opportunity to customize your home with the best-of-breed design style you’re looking for.

Make Your Home The Envy Of The Neighborhood.

Stand Out With Bonded’s Window Coverings.

Ask Our Designer About These Styles:
– Pinch Pleat
– Shirred on Decorative Wood Pole
– Decorative Poles with Rings
– Tab Curtains
– Smock Top
– Ripple Fold
– Grommet Top